Conservation Notes: A Year in Review at the Henry County SWCD

11/18/2009 13:29

It has been an interesting year in weather to say the least, but I do not have to remind fellow farmers of that. This year has displayed the wonders of nature. Nature is remarkable, yet at times can be destructive and devastating. No-till and other conservation practices have been put to the test this past winter and spring. Due to gully erosion caused by large amounts of heavy rains, many conservation projects have been installed.

The Henry County SWCD has continued to implement conservation programs. 2009 has been another very productive year for the Henry County Soil an Water Conservation District. The following are activities the Henry County SWCD participated in or sponsored this past year:

  • Henry County SWCD Annual Meeting - January 28
  • Contractor's Breakfast - February 11
  • Land Use Council 2 Envirothon - April 2
  • Spring Bulb and Tree Sale - April 8-9
  • Stewardship Week - April 26 - May 3 
  • Poster Contest - April 27
  • Rain Barrel Sale - April 27
  • Stark County SWCD 5th Grade Conservation Day - April 29
  • Spring Fish Sale - May 1
  • Bureau County SWCD Conservation Day - May 7
  • Women in Agriculture - May 11
  • Native Plant Sale - June 5
  • Henry County Fair - June 23-28
  • Stark County SWCD Conservation Camp - July 17
  • Forestry Management Workshop - September 16
  • Fall Bulb and Tree Sale - September 30 - October 1
  • Section 3 FFA Soil Judging Contest - October 7
  •  Fall Fish Sale - October 22
  • Rain Barrel Sale - December 14


From the Henry County SWCD in 2009:

  • Conservation Kids is a section for kids at the Henry County SWCD booth during the Henry County Fair. Kids have the opportunity to learn about soil through hands-on activities.
  • Nature field guides are available to purchase by those interested in learning about the plant and animal species surrounding us.
  • Henry County Farm Bureau Farmer articles are written to promote and educate the public on the importance of conservation and conservation practices.
  • Conservation Trail, a conservation education newsletter, reaches over 4100 grade school students and teachers in Henry County.
  • Constructed a website to further promote and educate the public on conservation and stewardship. Visit the website at!
  • Rain barrels to promote water conservation, and reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Soil testing kits for lawns and gardens to help reduce over application of fertilizer.


Conservation Practices Program (CPP) cost-share projects implemented in 2009 by the Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District as of November:

  • 10.8 acres of waterways constructed
  • 10 grade stabilization structures installed
  • 5 (1070') water and sediment control basins installed
  • 575' terrace constructed
  • 9.5 acres of hay and pasture planted
  • 1 well decommissioned

With the construction of agricultural conservation practices, over 200 tons of soil was saved! Over $56,000 was spent in cost-share assistance for conservation projects.

It has been a pleasure working with everyone over the course of the year. A tremendous amount of conservation has been put to work. It is my hope the Henry County  Soil and Water Conservation District will continue with the progress in conservation within the county. Next year will be another successful year at the Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District. Best wishes and much success this coming year!  

-Monica Stevens, Resource Conservationist