Conservation Notes: Lightning Bugs

08/01/2009 15:31

Once I figured out that lightning bugs really wouldn’t “zap” me, I fell in love with them as a young girl. During the summer nights in the country, I loved running around the yard barefoot chasing and catching lightning bugs. That is one of my favorite summer memories I have growing up on the farm. Hopefully it will be a memory that I can share with my three nieces this summer.

To this day, I am still fond of them lighting up the summer sky. In the evening, I enjoy sitting outside on my porch relaxing and taking in the beauty. The glow from the lightning bugs in contrast to the darkening sky truly is a beautiful sight.  Lightning bugs look so peaceful as they float through the air twinkling as the sun is setting. They almost look like stars…just a little closer to us. Summer seems to be the perfect time to sit back and enjoy the simple things in life.

-Monica Stevens, Resource Conservationist