Conservation Notes: Must be Doing Something Right

06/23/2010 08:40

On my four-wheeler rides back and forth from our farms, I have observed the variety and amount of wildlife in the countryside... Monarch Butterflies, Bull Snakes, American Toads, and Meadowlarks just to name a few. I have especially noticed Quail. That is a wonderful sight to see! It used to be a rare occasion seeing Quail, and now I see them quite frequently. The wildlife sightings remind me to keep my camera with me... even on my four-wheeler. With the rainy spring, I have seen an abundance of toads roaming around my hosta garden and yard. Since I was a kid, I cannot resist picking up a toad. Toads have always been one of my favorites. Seeing so many toads and other creatures this spring got me thinking. It seems to me that the increased growth of wildlife is most likely due to the quantity and quality of habitat.

Conservation practices not only prevent and protect the soil from erosion, but protect and improve water and air quality, sequester carbon, and provide habitat for wildlife. Practices like vegetative filter strips reduce soil erosion, protect water quality by preventing contaminants like chemicals, sediments and nutrients from reaching water, and provide habitat for small birds and mammals.

The amount of wildlife spotted is a great indicator that farmers and landowners are doing something right...conservation.

- Monica Stevens, Resource Conservationist