Conservation Notes: Respect

08/13/2009 14:15

On my nightly jogs or walks, I look forward to time outside enjoying the beauty of the environment around me. It is frustrating to see how much litter is along our rural roadsides. One evening, I spotted a Long John Silvers carry-out bag carelessly tossed along my road. The nearest fast food restaurant is twenty miles away. Needless to say, I was annoyed because it was a sign of complete disrespect. Growing up, my brother, sister and I were taught to respect. We learned to respect not only people, but our environment. I have often wondered why others choose to throw their garbage outside the window as they drive along. Can they not wait to throw it out or recycle when they stop? Let's keep our roadsides beautiful and give them repsect by not littering.

-Monica Stevens, Resource Conservationist