Continuous CRP Sign-Up Underway

06/17/2014 13:23

Farmers and landowners may sign up for the continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Under continuous sign up, eligible land may be enrolled in CRP at any time with contracts of up to 10 to 15 years.

Continuous CRP is focused on environmentally sensitive land and offers are not ranked against each other. Environmentally sensitive land may include, but is not limited to, agricultural land prone to erosion, pasture or agricultural land that borders river or stream banks, or field margins. Continuous CRP takes into consideration the type of conservation practice the owner wishes to install.

To be  eligible for CRP continuous sign-up, the cropland must have a cropping history, or be considered to have been planted, for at least 4 years during 2008 through 2013.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA)  administers CRP; FSA will handle eligibility, applications and contracts.  HCSWCD and NRCS will provide technical specifications for the CRP projects.  Contact NRCS or SWCD staff for advice on projects at  309-937-5263, ext. 3.