Conservation Notes: In the Winter

01/07/2011 13:11

It is no secret. I love winter! Whether it is snuggled inside with a cup of cocoa, snapping photographs of winter scenery, or taking care of our cattle in winter conditions, I love winter.

There is so much to do during the winter months! Here are just a few activities kids and families can do together this winter...
    - Identify trees by their bark
    - Idenitfy animal tracks in the snow and record findings
    - Feed the winter birds
    - Bird watch and record findings
    - Build a snowman
    - Catch and examine the different types of snowflakes
    - Take photographs throughout the winter
    - Go sledding or ice skating
    - Read books about the environment
Along with the snow, winter brings birds. Bird watching is a very popular hobby this time of year that can be enjoyed by all. Try these fun and easy winter bird feeding activities at home with your children. These activities will be a fun way to pass time while it is snowing!
Activity #1 - Collect pine cones that have fallen on the ground. Smooth suet or peanut butter over a pine cone. Cover the pine cone with various types of bird seed. Attach a string to the top of the pine cone and hang it outdoors. Watch the birds feast!
Activity #2 - With the help of an adult, cut an orange into slices. Use a needle to thread string through the orange slice. Hang the orange slice outside for birds to enjoy eating!
Activity #3 - Pop some popcorn and place in a bowl. Use a thread and needle to string kernels of popcorn to create long strands. Fruit, like cranberries or grapes may also be used along with the popcorn. Hang the strand of popcorn outside for birds to eat!

Enjoy the beauty of winter and bird watching. As a family, start a bird watching journal and note the different species of birds that are feeding in your backyard. This will also be a perfect opportunity to capture pictures! 

- Monica Stevens, Resource Conservationist