Boardmembers and Staff

Henry County SWCD Staff and Boardmembers

Sharon Matson  - Administrative Coordinator • E-mail:

                               Nicolette Pysson -Resource Conservationist . Email:

Henry County Board of Directors 

Jerry Snodgrass - Chairman

Josh Curry - Vice Chairman

Karen Lyman - Secretary/Treasurer

Al DeCrane - Director

Keith VanDeWoestyne - Director

Henry County SWCD Associates

Associate Director : Mark DeDecker

Associate Director : Albert Hulting

Associate Director : John Oliver

Associate Director : Pat Martens

Associate Director: Dorothy Brown

Associate Director: Doug Peterson

Associate Director: Jim Larson

Associate Director: Tom Hitzhusen

Associate Director: Ted Carton

Associate Director: Sally Ferguson

Brian Corkill: Farm Bureau Representative

NAGs Representative: Steve Fairbanks

County Board Representative: Dwayne Anderson

Henry County SWCD Partners

Jason Hessman - NRCS District Conservationist

Jodi Martin - NRCS Soil Conservationist

Katie Gisi - NRCS Agricultural Engineer

Jacob House - NRCS Soil Conservationist

Ben Ford-  Nrcs Soil Conservationist Technican

Trey Thompson- Biologist- Pheasants Forever

If you'd like more information about when we hold our monthly board meetings, please click here.