Boardmembers and Staff

Henry County SWCD Staff and Boardmembers

Sharon Matson  - Administrative Coordinator • E-mail: Sharon.Matson (at)
Alley Hulslander - Resource Conservationist • E-mail: Allison.Hulslander (at)

Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District

Board of Directions for 2019

Neal Nelson, Josh Curry, Keith VanDeWoestyne, Jerry Snodgrass and Al DeCrane

Henry County SWCD Board of Directors

Chairman: Jerry Snodgrass
Vice-Chairman: Josh Curry 
Secretary/Treasurer: Neal Nelson
Director: Keith VanDeWoestyne
Director: Al DeCrane
NAGs Representative: Dorothy Brown
Associate Director : Mark DeDecker
Associate Director : John Oliver
Associate Director : Pat Martens
Associate Director : Albert Hulting
Associate Director: Ted Carton
Associate Director: Tom Hitzhusen
County Board Representative: Dwayne Anderson

Henry County Natural Resources Conservation Service Staff

Dan DeSmith - Soil Conservationist Technician
Jodie Martin - Soil Conservationist

If you'd like more information about when we hold our monthly board meetings, please click here.