Flower Bulb Sales

Flower Bulbs

NEW ONLINE ORDERING that ships directly to your house!

Wanting to surround your home with beautiful flowers?

The Henry County SWCD holds a flower bulb sale every spring and fall. For more information on the spring and fall flower bulb sale, contact the Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Use these helpful instructions for successful flower bulb planting. Download and print the Spring Planting Guide, Spring Planting Instructions, and Fall Planting Instructions.

The Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Henry County Natural Area Guardians thank you for your support of the flower bulb sale.

The spring order deadline is March 22, 2016. 

Notice Bulbs will not be shipped until after April 1st! 
We will call you when the orders are delivered to our office.

Check out our 2016 Spring Bulb Brochure.