Partners for Conservation

Cost-Share (PFC)

Partners for Conservation is a state funded cost-share program administered through the Soil and Water Conservation District. Partners for Conservation provides cost-share assistance for the construction of projects that promote soil conservation and protect water quality, reduce soil erosion and improve water quality, and reduce potential groundwater pollution.

Eligible conservation practices in the Partners for Conservation program include:

  • Filter Strips
  • Diversions
  • Grade Stabilization Structures
  • Grassed Waterways
  • Hayland and Pasture Planting
  • Water and Sediment Control Basins
  • Terraces
  • No-till and Strip-till Planting
  • Cover Crops
  • Temporary Cover
  • Critical Area Planting
  • Rain Gardens
  • Well Decommissioning
    • Sealing an Abandoned Well Brochure
    • Well Decommissioning Steps

For most practices, cost-share is 60%, while other practices are on a rate per acre basis. Construction may begin once applications have been approved by the Henry County SWCD, surveying of the site has been done, and designs have been completed. When construction is finished and a check-out of the project has been conducted, bills need to be turned into the Henry County SWCD for payment on the project. Cost-share payment is made on the estimated cost or actual cost, whichever amount is lower. The Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District has state cost-share money available for construction or implementation of conservation practices. Please stop by the office to start the application process.

Contact the Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District for Partners for Conservation details!